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How to play external music ?

Hello everyone , so i load doom and i select in audio options/preferred music the external files option . Where do i have to put the music ? Also the .mp3 files must have the same filename as doom1 music ?


  • The files must be in .pk3 format ?
  • There are a couple of examples of add-ons with external music on (e.g., "DOOM Classic Music").
    moumiaq wrote: »
    Also the .mp3 files must have the same filename as doom1 music ?
    It depends on how the files are packaged. There are a couple of approaches to choose from:
    • If you just have a bunch of MP3 files you want to play, you can put them in "{doomsday-installation-dir}/data/jdoom/music". If they are named to match the WAD lump names (e.g., "d_e1m1.mp3"), Doomsday should play them automatically (IIRC).
    • If you put the music files (MP3 or OGG) inside a PK3 package, simply putting them in a folder called "music" (inside the PK3) and naming the files so they match the music WAD lump names will be enough for Doomsday to use them.
    • Alternatively, you can set up a DED description of which music files correspond each song, in which case the filenames are meaningless as long as Doomsday can access them. In this case, the files can be anywhere on the hard drive as individual files, or they can be packaged into a PK3 archive. (This is the approach DOOM Classic Music uses.)
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