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Doom II wont load anything beyond the first map, Help Please?

As far as I know I dont have OpenGl Drivers installed. Im running windows 10. Doomsday will launch and play Doom II's first map but when I press the exit switch, it crashes. I read somewhere that I need install OpenGL, Is this true? If so how can I do that? Or is there a way to circumvent this?


  • edited 2017 Aug 31
    Since you can play the first map, you should already have OpenGL drivers installed. They are usually included with your graphics card / video chipset drivers.

    Depending on your graphics hardware, updating the drivers may or may not help. As a rule, old Intel drivers don't work so great but Nvidia/AMD drivers should be fine.

    Which version of Doomsday are you using?

    Could you also attach your doomsday.out log file? You can find it in the runtime folder: "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime". If you change the file name to "doomsday.txt", you can attach the file here on the forums.
  • Im using version 2.0.3 and no such file exists, Could it be located somewhere else?
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