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Duke Nuke 3D in Doomsday

edited 2017 Jun 7 in General
Hello to everyone, it's three months since I installed doomsday, and I can only say I've fallen in love with it, you guys are doing a great job with all these games.
About that, I thought it would be cool to implement Master Levels for Doom II (maybe under a single game) and another masterpiece I spent hours on during my childhood, I'm talking about Duke Nukem 3D (I thought about it like the fourth game with a blueish background), which like the other three games would include all versions (from the shareware one to the megaton edition).

Please let me know what you think about it and if it will be considered in future updates


  • Adding official support for the Master Levels would be nice. There might already be a feature request about it, though. I'll need to check.

    Duke Nukem is a much more challenging topic because it's based on a different underlying engine. I'm not very familiar with the state of existing Duke source ports, but you should take a look if they suit your needs.
  • If you want to play Duke Nukem 3D, the most advanced source port is eduke32. Along with the HRP (High Resolution Pack) it is the port with the best graphics around. It's also very modern and runs on the newest and most common OS.
    It currently only lacks multiplayer support, for which you should get an older version or ask on their forum, which one is suited for multiplayer.

    Beside that; implementing Duke Nukem 3D into Doomsday would be kind of troublesome, as it uses a completely different engine than Doom does. It could be done with a plugin, but a lot of work would be necessary.
  • Thank you for the replies. As for eduke32, I'll check it out; for anyone interested I found the Megaton Edition on G2A (it's no longer available on Steam itself). I have basic skill in programming, and after a quick look at both codes, I can get your point (I think I wrote under too much enthusiasm).

    As for Master Levels, I found how to run them through a ZDoom plugin, though I'm looking forward to see them running on Doomsday.
  • The Master levels are single level pwads (well, except one that has a secret map) that can be ran in Dday like any other mod.
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