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Where are settings saved for "Local Packages for ______ Multiplayer"?

I acknowledge that packages which are linked to single-player mode are saved in C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime\configs\game.dei. No question there.

However, it's apparent that linking local packages to multiplayer mode are saved to a separate file that I cannot locate. The settings are not saved to the same game.dei; if I remove a package from the single-player configuration, it remains linked to the multiplayer game. C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\server-runtime\configs\game.dei seemed like the obvious choice, but it shows an empty template for the games supported, but none of the 3rd-party packages are listed regardless of any config changes I make in multiplayer-mode.



  • Are you trying to reset the setting, or is there some other reason you ask?

    The local packages setting is saved in persist.pack in your runtime folder.

    If you delete that file, all of the persistent engine settings will be reset to defaults, so you may not want to do that. You can edit the setting manually via the Doomsday Script prompt, though.

    1) Switch to Script mode by clicking on the [>] button in the taskbar.
    2) This will print the current value of the setting:
    3) This will clear all the configured packages:
    Config.resource.localPackagesForGame = {}

    Note that you should be careful when using the script mode, it is much less forgiving than the regular console command mode. Also, it is easy to cause fatal errors if you enter the wrong values into the variables.
  • skyjake, thx for the response & elaboration.

    The reason for the question is a bit more straightforward: I host LAN parties where everyone brings their own rig. There are varying levels of computer expertise among the players and to help minimize the barrage of repetitive questions, I write custom install scripts that do the installations with everything pre-set. In the case of DE (which is simply an awesome facelift to the classic iD games), having the 3rd-party package files pre-selected (game.dei/persist.pack) upon initial installation ensures more time playing and less time answering the same tedious questions over & over.

    Not a complaint towards DE, just an observation: it's odd that game.dei is in a text format while persist.pack is binary. As long as any possible path references in persist.pack are relative to the base_dir and not absolute, then I should be good to go.

    Rock on & thx.
  • Thanks for the explanation. For your use case, I agree that there is no good solution currently. persist.pack is binary because it is used for all persistent state within the engine, and this contains non-textual data as well.

    The future direction for the console is to merge its backend with the Doomsday Script subsystem so eventually it will be possible to modify everything via the .cfg file text method, too.
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