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Doomsday Engine / Server - Raspberry Pi 3

edited 2017 Apr 16 in General
Is there a way to do this on Raspberry Pi 3? Would love to assembly some hand-held Pi units with 7" screens to do some killer net doom coop action on the couch.



  • edited 2017 Apr 16
    That sounds very cool. :) I've been successfully running Doomsday servers on my Raspberry Pi 2. One has to build it manually with the DENG_ENABLE_GUI=NO option, though. If you need detailed build instructions I can add a page about it to the Manual.

    Doomsday doesn't support OpenGL ES yet, so the client can't currently run on Raspi, but I'm working towards addressing that in 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Hey SkyJake! Any updates on this topic?

  • Yes, actually! :smile: I managed to achieve a partially-working OpenGL ES build while I was seeing if/how I could compile Doomsday for iOS. However, the bad news is that the way the rendering code has been written is not really GPU-efficient enough for proper gameplay on lower-end hardware. I already have the foundations of a redesigned renderer up and running, but getting it into releasable state is still a lot of work.
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