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Doomsday Shell Fails to Launch Mac OS El Capitan [2.0 stable]

edited 2017 Apr 11 in Technical Support
Every time I try to launch a server through the Shell, it fails saying library components failed to load...

Something I'm doing wrong?


  • Are you using the 2.0 stable release? That one has a build issue where some of the libraries are not compatible with anything older than Sierra.

    The upcoming 2.0.1 will have a fix for that, and the 2.1 unstable builds have already been fixed.

    In case that is not the issue, though, could you open your macOS Console app and look for the crash report? It should be under "User Reports" and called "doomsday-server_(date-and-time).crash". Please zip it and attach it here.
  • I am using the stable 2.0 version indeed. I will attach the ZIP this evening as I'm away from the machine right now.

    When will the new version be out and will it work for both El Capitan and Sierra?

    thank you!
  • 2.0.1 is currently scheduled for May 1st, but I will likely release it earlier if I can address the planned bugs before that:

    It should work on El Capitan, yes.
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