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Coop Mode

Ok. I have read the FAQ and the Wiki...
And this link: doesn't work.

How would I start a COOP Multiplayer server (not deathmatch), using, let's say MM.wad and Doom2.


  • I start the shell... point to my custom folder that I store all the IWADS (no sense having multiple copies of them). And... try to start a local server and... nuthin' happens.
  • (First of all, pretty big disclaimer: the MP features haven't been touched in a couple of years, so YMMV. The next version (2.1) on the roadmap is planned to improve MP experience.)

    Here are the basic steps:
    • Set the IWAD folder in Shell preferences.
    • Test that the server can be started. Usually failure is accompanied by an error box, but if nothing happens, look for the "server-runtime" folder that was set in the Start Local Server dialog's Advanced tab. There you'll find a doomsday.out that might explain the problem.
    • When you are able to get the server running, you can quit it and specify any additional command line options in the aforementioned Advanced tab. This could be e.g. "-file c:\full\path\to\your\wadfile.wad"
    • With the server running, use the Game Options tab to choose game type etc.
    • Additional game options have to be configured via cvars in the Console tab... A brief list can be found here:

    Note that a running server is a separate executable and exiting the Shell will not stop any local servers.
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    Tolwyn wrote: »
    I'm in the process of revising how console variables and commands are documented, so the Manual doesn't yet cover any of them. The old wiki has a full list, though:
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