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Beta 6.3 [jDoom] Wrong HUD display number

edited 2009 Jun 14 in Technical Support
Every 6 in jDoomis shown as a 5 in the HUD (for example if you have 566 ammo, 555 is shown).

I couldn't find it on the tracker list, so I think it hasn't been reported yet (but it's a minor issue^^)


  • Interesting. Are all the fonts affected or is it only one in particular?

    EDIT:I think I know what you are referring to; its the small font thats used for weapon numbers and ammo counts on the status bar. Doomsday is drawing the correct patch. However due to filtering, it just looks like a six.
  • I mean if you use the small HUD (not the large original). (sorry, hadn't said this).

    Any 6 (also on the armor or health display) is drawn as 5.

    But that issue is only in Doom, not in Heretic or in Hexen.
  • I'm trying to test this bug out with you.

    What small HUD? The only option I found was to use the sliding bar to adjust the size of the status bar, rather than just large or small.
  • Yeah, if you change the sliding bar for the size of the HUD, if you use the "small" where only ammunition of your current weapon, health, keys and armor is shown.
  • Ah, you mean the fullscreen HUD.

    You are quite correct Milten, indeed the patch for the five character is drawn rather than a six. This problem has been fixed in svn for 1.9.0-beta6.4
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