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PWAD individual -warp function

In former Snowberry frontend under "settings/developer" you could set a specific command to start a PWAD of a custom profile. There are some PWADS out there starting e.g. at map 4 or 20. How can I set this in Doomsday 2.0 for each custom-profile?


  • That feature is unavailable at the moment. However, I think that the custom episodes feature added in 1.15 allows solving this elegantly:

    The only way to use actual command line options like "-warp" is to make a batch file or app shortcut where the option is set. The good news is that the "-game" option can take the name of your custom profile as argument, so that is one workaround for now.
  • Thank you for now, but I really hope it will be part of the "Edit profile" pop-up window (right mouse-click on a PWAD in the custom profiles list) in the near future.
  • I added another feature request. This one should be exactly what you're looking for?

    These features will be available immediately in the 2.1 unstable builds after I implement them.
  • Exactly what I'm looking forward to! Thank you so much!
  • This feature is now available in the 2.1 unstable builds:

    In addition to the start map, you can also specify the skill level in the game profile. Note that the auto-start feature is only available in custom profiles.
  • Great work! Thank you! If you could add the missing "Freedoom-Phase 1" you'll be my hero! :)
  • edited 2017 Apr 9

    wyland wrote: »
    Great work! Thank you! If you could add the missing "Freedoom-Phase 1" you'll be my hero! :)

    still no place for phase 1 in build 2288, Isn't FreeDoom incomplete without it?
  • I've added Freedoom Phase 1 for the next 2.1 unstable build. I haven't tested if it is actually fully playable. Please try it out and report any problems you may encounter. :)
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