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Error message after program start [ZDoom PWAD]

edited 2017 Mar 29 in Technical Support
"Failed to load title picture for game "DOOM 2: Hell on Earth": [OffsetError] (in Block::get) Out of range (7076[+4] > 7078

Any ideas?


  • Is this just a warning message after startup, or does it cause Doomsday to shut down, too?

    One potential reason for message is a corrupt WAD file.

    Did you select any packages into the DOOM 2 profile? If so, could you attach your "runtime/configs/game.dei"?
  • Just a warning message after startup. No packages selected into the DOOM2 profile.
    Version 1.9 with 14,604,584 bytes in size.
    It says "File is not allowed" while trying to attach the game.dei.
  • wyland wrote:
    It says "File is not allowed" while trying to attach the game.dei.
    It should work if you append a ".txt" extension before uploading, or better yet, use

    I haven't seen this kind of an error before. Perhaps it would be good to see your full doomsday.out? (copy to pastebin, please)
  • edited 2017 Mar 25
    Done! Hope it will help! game.dei AND doomsday.out
    Meanwhile I added some packages, but they are not responsible for the error message.
  • Don't forget the post the links here, otherwise I won't be able to find them. :)
  • Lost it! Maybe the txt-files can help.
    Like I mentioned before, meanwhile I added some packages to DOOM2!
  • Hmm, I can't really spot any obvious issues in the log or profiles.

    This error doesn't prevent you from starting Doom 2, though? When you play the "DOOM 2: Hell of Earth" profile, does everything appear as it should in the game title screen? No incorrect colors or other visual artifacts?

    Just to verify, my doom2.wad's MD5 hash is:
  • edited 2017 Mar 26
    DOOM2 starts correctly without any visible errors! Nothing unusual! The IWAD I use has the same MD5 hash!
    By the way, this morning out of a sudden my custom-profiles didn't show up anymore after starting DE. I had to copy my saved "game.dei" as write-protected into the runtime/configs-folder. DE started with all my profiles shown in the lists, but while starting a game I got an error message concerning the "game.dei". So I removed write-protected and since then DE starts with all my profiles and the games work as well.
    The point is starting DE without having any custom-profiles this morning I didn't get the above mentioned error message!!!!!
    A PWAD called "Core" causes the error message. The custom profile for that WAD had no DOOM2-pic, just black background. This is because of "Core" being a ZDOOM-WAD!
    Sorry, my fault! :#
  • edited 2017 Mar 26
    Glad to hear you found what was causing it. :+1:
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