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Windows 7 Remembering Password Problem

Windows 7 64 bit Pro keeps asking me if I wish it to remember my password for this site and I check YES but it fails to be able to do this apparently due to the “new design Doomsday site”. In the past Windows 7 64 bit could remember my Doomsday Password. More than likely I am probably doing something wrong.

Anyone else having this problem?


  • Which web browser are you using? Perhaps it is blocking cookies from this site?

    You should also check that Javascript is enabled.

    I'm writing this reply in 64-bit Windows 7 Professional using IE 10, and for me it does remember the password when I close and open the browser again, and after a reboot of the system.
  • I am using IE 11 but now that I know that Java is required that is the problem. I am not allowed to have the run-time client for Java on my Computer (or torrents and soon flash), if I wish to continue to use my home machine for any material from work.

    Java is considered a significant security risk but interestingly the person that made a BloodTC using EDuke32 port (Called BloodCM) has (due to supposed long compile times with eDuke32) switched to Java as of January 2017. Some of the followers of this BloodTC mentioned they would no longer be able to use his BloodTC in Java for security reasons.

    I will just keep the password close by and use if needed. I am very impressed with your work in Doomsday and definitely will continue to follow your work and use Doomsday.

    Thank you very much for your hard work!!
  • Note that I meant JavaScript in the browser. Java is a different thing and it is not required by Doomsday or this website in general.
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