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"Hell To Pay" and "Perditions Gate" for DOOM 2

while the "Hell To Pay"-WAD shows up under "Packages", the "Perdtions Gate"-WAD doesn't.
And although "Hell To Pay" can be selected while creating a new profile it won't start because of a "Selected packages missing" message.
What am I doing wrong? I just want to play DOOM 2 with additional PWADs!
Thanks in advance!


  • I tried downloading the demo versions of these mods from At least those seem to work.

    You are trying to play the full versions, though? I suspect their WADs use an "IWAD" type, which means Doomsday will consider them belonging to unrecognized games and thus hide them.

    Currently the packages list does not show IWAD files, only PWADs. However, I can make some changes that will allow you to select those into profiles as well. I'll let you know when this feature is available.
  • "Hell To Pay" is working. Depends on the way I name the PWADS. There has to be a "_" in between the words to make it work. But "Perditions Gate" still not showing up under "Packages". And there is another one not showing up: "Grenian.wad". Seems to be an IWAD too. Thanks for your help!
  • edited 2017 Mar 14
    I took a closer look at this and I have a new theory for what's going on. It may be that the current builds are incorrectly recognizing WAD files, so that Perdition's Gate, for example, is recognized as a different version of doom2.wad.

    For upcoming builds (both unstable and stable), I've made changes that ensure that the WAD recognition works more robustly so that partial matches aren't simply accepted as-is.

    You can try this with the upcoming 2.0 RC3 or the next unstable 2.1:
    • DE menu → Clear Cache
    • Restart Doomsday
    • Look for the WADs in the Packages column. (Note: searching for "iwad" or "pwad" will show files of that type.)
  • Great! It works like a charm! Thank you so much!
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