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Doomsday 2.0 RC2

edited 2017 Mar 8 in News
Doomsday 2.0 RC2

The second release candidate is available: build 2257. This build has a number of bugfixes and minor improvements, particularly when it comes to loading and unloading data files. Some of the fixes …

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  • When one loads a savegame, Doomsday will attempt to load or unload resources depending on what was used in the save. However, this was quite buggy and could easily lead to a crash.
    As it turns out, there is still another problem here. In RC2, the savegame's packages are loaded by treating them as an ad-hoc game profile that gets loaded. However, when the operation initially starts from a game plugin, it will cause a crash when loading the ad-hoc profile causes the game plugin to be reinitialized. Bit more work needed...
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