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Welcome to Doomsday Engine Talk — forums migrated

edited 2018 Nov 6 in News
The discussion forums have been migrated to a new platform. The old one, phpBB, was starting to really show its age and complexity so I made the decision to move to a better and faster one. This should improve your experience here significantly:
  • Pages load faster and many operations, like posting a new message, happen without page reloads.
  • When writing posts and comments, drafts get autosaved so you don't ever lose your message (this actually happened to me several times with phpBB).
  • There are a lot of nice design touches like autoexpanding text entry boxes.
  • It is officially supported by the web hosting company, so I don't have to waste my time manually applying security updates, etc.

All of the old posts and user accounts have been migrated from the old forums. You may need to upload a new avatar image, though. Any URLs pointing to the old forums were redirected to the corresponding place in the new ones.

Over the coming days I will still be doing some fine-tuning. For instance, the mobile theme hasn't been customized yet with an appropriate color palette for the site. Let me know if you find anything that looks broken or illegible!


  • On the Build Download page you might consider changing the "7" in "Windows 7" to all versions of Windows that are supported. At present, this may give the impression that Win 8 & 10 are not supported by Doomsday 2 (I don't think XP is supported however).
  • I'll update it with something more specific.
  • edited 2017 Mar 25
    :star: Infinite Scrolling

    I enabled infinite scrolling in the discussion lists. There is a scroll position indicator in the bottom right corner that you can click to make quick jumps. You can use the J key as a shortcut.

    If you prefer the old manual pagination, go to your user profile and uncheck "Enable Infinite Scrolling."
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