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No player in maps

edited 2017 Jan 15 in Technical Support
All versions of the Doom games, ie Heretic and Hexen too, have no player shown on the map when it is activated with TAB. Everything else works perfectly at 1920 x 1024 using Intel chipset Z97 with HDMI output. The little arrow is simply missing. Updated to latest version 2 but still the same. Any ideas?


  • so your gfx card is intel if so thats your problem unless skyjake fixed that. there is problems with intel gfx cards not having stuff show up like the player arrow on the map.
  • Yeah we have this bug is in the tracker:

    It is apparently due to shortcomings in the Intel OpenGL driver. The low-level API for drawing the map symbols will be changing in the near future as more and more of the renderer is being updated for OpenGL 3+. So, while I unfortunately cannot give you an exact timeline the issue should get fixed eventually.
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