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Doom 1 E1 Soundtrack remake

edited 2017 Jan 12 in DOOM
what can i say, it's just 1 more music remake for doom :)
I tried to stick to original version and not to re-arrange, but add a few own touches.
half a year ago i searched for some remakes but haven't found, just a plenty of different covers, when idea first came up to me at april 2016 to do a remake i did 1 track , in November-December 2016 i continued and did other tracks for Doom 1 Episode 1 (Knee Deep In The Dead), searched again and realized that, there are at least few good remakes for now, so i don't see a point to continue my work), but as i did a portion of tracks i'm uploading anyway.
Listen on Soundcloud
Download link
Place the .pk3 file in the "addons" folder in Snowberry. Launch Doomsday Engine and it
will then become an option to enable in the addon menu for Doom 1 game.
Music is louder than original, so for comfortable playing set the music volume in game options at 25% or to taste.
If you want to listen music, just extract with 7-zip or other archiver and you can find music files in:
"Doom 1 Episode 1 Soundtrack\Data\jDoom\Music\"
If you have any critics, advices, suggestions, hatings, you can contact me on mail:


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