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UDMF in future 2.x?!??!

edited 2016 Nov 29 in Tools and Techniques

Did I just read that correctly? Possibility of full UDMF capability in a future 2.x relase? ... ... O_O

YESSS! Oh please, ohpleaseohpleaseohpleeeeaaassss! No rush or anything, end of the week would be fine. ;) But I can wait up to 5 or 6 years if I have too.

I do most of my mapping with UDMF in all games (DOOM/Heretic/Hexen), because it's fast, easy, and has a million and one ways to skin a mancubus. (yeah, it limits me to GZDoom, but still...) Being able to see 'live' dynamic lighting in-editor with GZDoombuilder is a god-send! With the added ability to easily create (and see) slopes as well, it makes mapping quite enjoyable and rewarding. If/when DE2 can utilize UDMF it sure will be sweet to see a decent approximation of a DE level while working on it in GZDB.

Can't wait! :D


Paul L. Ming


  • In the near future, Doomsday can certainly support the vanilla feature set of Doom, Heretic and Hexen in the UDMF format. When it comes to any additional features like Boom specials or slopes etc. those will naturally first require new code in the game plugins and the renderer.

    On the whole, though, I'm very much planning to position UDMF as Doomsday's native map format for any future features.
  • :D

    That sound freaking fan-tastic! The creative freedom I get with UDMF are unbeatable...the visual fluidity (?) and occlusion/depth comb with non-linear fall of for lights makes Doomsday Engine unbeatable. Add them both together and you will have somehow managed to get an engine with greater than 100% fun-factor. I guess you could call that combo the Spinaltap combo (DE2 will go to 11).

    Can't wait! :D


    Paul L. Ming
  • I know that this is an old thread so forgive me for necro posting.

    Has the UDMF file format been added to Doomsday 2.x yet?

  • The UDMF import plugin that was mentioned in the blog post is included in the current Doomsday 2 builds.

    However, it is still experimental and I don't expect it to fully load all the data needed for a playable map. The blog post has some details:
    Doomsday at the moment supports only vanilla maps with a couple of Boom features. The new UDMF plugin also doesn’t yet transfer all the data to Doomsday, for example most line flags are ignored.
    The tricky thing with UDMF is that it is a very generic format, and Doomsday at the moment only supports basic vanilla Doom/Heretic/Hexen features. That is, in the short/medium term Doomsday's UDMF support will anyway be limited to the vanilla subset. (This is largely because the Doom game plugin is based on the original linuxdoom release, and thus lacks enhancements added later in Boom/ZDoom.)

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