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UDMF experiment, Shell game options, installer facelift

edited 2016 Nov 21 in Developers
<div id="bridgedd"> <div class="excerpt-title">This is a blog excerpt.  <a href=""; target="_blank">Read Full Article</a> </div> <br /> <p>Last week I went on a brief modding tangent and added a plugin that loads UDMF maps.</p>
<p>UDMF is an attractive choice for map editing due to its flexibility and potential to be widely compatible with map editors and source ports. However, it is basically only a syntax for describing map data; the real trick is interpreting the contents and supporting all the required gameplay logic, line and sector specials, etc. Doomsday at the moment supports only vanilla maps with a couple of Boom features. The new UDMF plugin also doesn't yet transfer all the data to Doomsday, for example most line flags are ignored.</p>
<p>When it comes to extending Doomsday's support for modding, I view full Boom compatibility as the first milestone to reach. Modding is on the roadmap for the future <a href="">2.4 release</a>, so in the near future the UDMF importer plugin remains an experimental feature.</p>
<p>I also did many small improvements in preparation for the <a href="">stable 2.0 release</a>. </div>
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