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Custom Music Editing Question

edited 2016 Oct 21 in General
So I've saved a few OGG files to be added to Doom in the Doomsday Engine, and it plays the track, however, the loop segment I had created using Audacity doesn't take. So how do I set the track to loop where I want it to loop instead of playing the entire track over and over again?

In case that wasn't quite specific enough, The track has an intro segment that I only want to hear at the begining of the level, then I want it to play through and then loop back to the rest of the song after the intro section. How do?


  • Which audio plugin are you using? Doomsday doesn't handle OGG playback details such as this manually, it's all up to the underlying audio library.

    The only thing Doomsday does is request whether the song is played once or in looping mode. IIRC all songs are started with looping enabled.
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