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Support for HD Textures on Custom Wads

edited 2016 Oct 16 in General

Is there anyway to get HD textures to be read from the Data\JHeretic\Textures for custom textures added to a wad. For instance, say my custom wad had added textured WALLMINE, If I simply added WALLMINE.TGA into my Data\JHeretic\Textures directory, I was expecting it to be read, but unfortunately it doesn't seem so.

Is there a DED or a file I can create that will allow me to map these custom textures to these custom HD textures?



  • Does the command line option "-pwadtex" help?

    In the 2.0 builds there is no GUI for toggling this option yet.

    I don't think there are DED definitions that affect custom texture usage for PWADs...
  • Thanks SkyJake, I missed this in the Wiki.

    Best Regards,
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