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No Activity on the Doomsday Web site

edited 2016 Oct 6 in General
Can someone tell me why there's no activity on the Doomsday Web site


  • there is no activity as most of the time is spent on the sourceport it self as there is only 2 people working on the coding side and so there is not much time left for the website. also the formes always have something going on.
  • No updates for over a month??
  • There has been some activity on the project recently:
    Do not forget that developers of doomsday run this project for free. Most likely they are also busy with their families, jobs and other real-life duties.
    It would be great to have new updated builds everyday, but, I guess, we have to be patient...
  • Thank You
  • It has definitely been quite a busy month. I've been on a trip abroad, and the Day Job has been keeping me busy as well.

    I have been making some progress recently with the improved low-level OpenGL stuff. I'll write a post about it in the near future. However, because I haven't yet ensured it works on all platforms (developing just on macOS currently), I've been keeping it out of the public master branch. It is very near completion, though, so it will appear in the unstable builds quite soon.
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