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ERROR C3848 - xutility - RowAtlasAllocator

edited 2016 Jul 14 in Developers
Hi folks!

I am new to this forum and a new C++ developer. I am trying to build the doomsday-stable-1.15.8 version.

However, i am getting the folowwing error:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\include\xutility:893: error: C3848: expression having type 'const de::RowAtlasAllocator::Instance::Rows::Slot::SortByWidth' would lose some const-volatile qualifiers in order to call 'bool de::RowAtlasAllocator::Instance::Rows::Slot::SortByWidth::operator ()(const de::RowAtlasAllocator::Instance::Rows::Slot *,const de::RowAtlasAllocator::Instance::Rows::Slot *)'

My configuration is:

Windows 10
QT 5.7.0 32 Bits
Visual Studio 2015 Community

Anyone can help me?

Thx! :)


  • I don't recall that the 1.15.x versions have been updated to work with VS 2015. Assuming this is the only issue you'll encounter, you could try editing rowatlasallocator.cpp (near line 146) to say:
    struct SortByWidth {
                    bool operator () (Slot const *a, Slot const *b) {
    (i.e., remove the "const" at the end of the bool operator ()).

    You could also try building the latest sources from the master branch (2.0), or using VS 2013 to compile.
  • Thx for your reply!

    Worked with VS2013. I am going to modify this class and try to build with VS2015.

    If i get some success, i post the results here!

    Thx :)

    PS.: Sorry for my bad english!
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