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Old-school graphics possible?

edited 2016 Jun 6 in General
I like the lighting and the extra effects in Doomsday, but I also really enjoy the pixelized look in e.g. prboom. Is there a way to get that inside Doomsday? By disabling all the texture filtering, for example?


  • Yes, old-school graphics are supported in Doomsday.

    For simply applying some additional pixelization, you can increase the Pixel Doubling setting in the Renderer Appearance sidebar: ... ubling.jpg

    The "Vanilla" profile further disables all the effects to make things look more like the original game: ... a_prof.jpg

    You can access the Renderer Appearance sidebar via the gear menu next to the renderer profile selection (shown in the second screenshot). There you can create a customized profile to match your needs.
  • Wow, this is perfect! Thanks a lot. I was always looking at the wrong things in the renderer settings. The customizability and the convenience of saving presets is amazing!
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