Gushing appreciation and question about filters

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As a retro gamer i am always on the hunt for source ports and emulators and stuff and i enjoy how software like FX_UAE manage to spice things up in the Amiga scene for instance. I played around with doom source ports before, but this thing blows everything out of the water i have seen yet! Big Kudos to you - i have been enjoying myself since i found it a few days ago immensely! Thanks for delivering a true blast to the past!

About filters. Are there screen filters to change the way the games look? For instance i would love to play in the more muted colors seen in the top banners of this site, or maybe with filmgrain or bad-crt-flicker or stuff like that...
They could also be interactive - for instance it would be super awesome to have some screen distortions when getting hit (kinda like the new Doom trailers)


  • Thanks! :)
    NoZart wrote:
    Are there screen filters to change the way the games look?
    There are only two filters implemented that do any kind of dramatic change to the overall visuals: pixel doubling and bloom. They can be configured by editing the renderer appearance settings via the Renderer Settings dialog.

    Overall color adjustments are supported at least on Windows under the Video Settings dialog. With this you can do general contrast and brightness color tuning.

    If you'd like to see other kinds of effects, you are welcome to submit them to our feature request tracker:
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