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Hexen cheat codes on COOP

edited 2016 May 19 in Hexen
Everybody knows the Hexen cheat codes, but they do not work on coop/multiplayer. (i understand why)
But I play with my little son (6 years) Hexen and would like to have cheats on coop (for him).

With Doom you can cheat on multiplayer. Is there a possibility to cheat with Hexen also on Coop on Doomsday?


  • You could try setting the server-game-cheat console variable on the server. You can do this in the Shell's console prompt by entering:
    server-game-cheat 1

    Disclaimer: I haven't tried this recently but I believe it should work.
  • I did already but this code does NOT work with Hexen :((
    For Doom it works ;)
  • Hmm, as a workaround, how about using Doomsday's own console commands for cheats? There should be commands corresponding to most of the cheat codes, for example "god" and "give". Just enter those in the console command prompt in Doomsday's taskbar.
  • Thanks it worked. Very nice, playing with God and Give W
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