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Doom 64 under an old build Doomsday Engine 1.8.6

edited 2016 Apr 30 in DOOM

I just wanted to inform you that I had uploaded a short gameplay video of Doom 64 using an old build of Doomsday Engine which is 1.8.6 (which has the original KickStart program). Sadly, this is the only build that works well with Doom 64. If you decided to download the pk3 yourself, read the READFIRST.txt for additional information in how to enable necessary functions on a server as well as the minor errors. The file is known as (the link is provided below the video). Here's the link of the video:

Update: There is an alternative download link for the pack. However, the main moddb download sometime brings up a SmartScreen (virus checker) which prohibits download. Try a mirror site to download if you have trouble: ... ne-version


  • i have never had moddb do that it's your virus scanner it's self.
  • Gordon wrote:
    i have never had moddb do that it's your virus scanner it's self.

    Yes, it only does that to me when I was checking for the download (see if it's working properly). If it doesn't affect you then don't worry about it. If you would able to download it, great! I had to download it to the mirror sites that let me. Thanks.
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