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Server Addons

edited 2016 Apr 26 in General
My addons webpage for my cooperative server has been discontinued. So I had to redirected to another webpage. Presently, there are two addons on this new webpage: UDtoD2share and AlchemyWads. From time to time, I would use these addons for my cooperative server. Most other addons I would use would be downloaded from Doomseeker (Wadseeker) when I use the Zandronum port as well. So if you see a wad or pk3 that is not listed on the new webpage, it is most likely downloaded from Doomseeker. Try that feature.

Here's the link of the new webpage:


  • well i can't get to the website for some reason.
  • Yes, sometime there is a time frame when is not accessible. My apology. You have to check back again when it's up. One of the reasons why I had uploaded the Risen3DPack on moddb webpage so more people have more chances to download the pack.
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