Will Doomsday support 3D sectors & sloped floors/ceilings?

edited 2016 Apr 19 in General
Hi all, new here and loving the Doomsday Engine - with the HRP and resource pack models, DOOM looks great. However, I was wondering when or if Doomsday will support more modern things like sloping floors & ceilings, 3D sectors, and horizontally opening doors like ZDoom and GZDoom do. The last mention I saw of it here was a thread from 2014, and it's been two years since then so I was wondering if there was any progress. Thanks!


  • There has been essentially no progress on this front. I can't say this is a priority feature, however I am quite interested in extending the capabilities of the engine in this regard.
  • That's fine, I understand there's probably a lot that goes on with building and maintaining something like this. I was just curious. Thanks for letting me know!
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