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Jerry2d.wad is clearly a joke wad that I did back in 1997. It was made in the conjunction with my family and friends since some of the sound bites were their voices. It was meant not to take it seriously since this was my first level. My peers enjoy it since they understood the joke. However, the majority of the general public may not. You may find it ignoring if you decided to watch it. I have updated this joke wad with the new modified map referred as main2d2.wad from I have uploaded two videos on YouTube for Jerry2d.wad. One is the complete gameplay under the Doomsday Engine while the latter is under the Zandronum port with the Brutal Doom mod. I liked the Doomsday Engine version since it plays close to the normal setting. The Zandronum (Brutal Doom) version however plays roughly (you would notice the multiple deaths of my player) and it is best to play it cooperatively with a friend if you decide to play it.

Doomsday Engine (complete gameplay) Video:

Zandronum with Brutal Doom (edited gameplay) Video: ... tml5=False
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