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New doom

edited 2016 Apr 3 in DOOM
just played the beta for the new doom and it run smooth and looks great. wanted to get your opinions on it of thos that have played. also as i was trying to find what file had the music i looked at the exe and thought it said doom64 but it says doomx64 witch is still funny to me at least.


  • It's cool, but to shame that is only 2 maps in beta including that well known heat wave, so I don't play this too much because is little boring to me. Graphics looks good but not impressive. Considers the high hardware requirements it's not surprise to me that thic can run at 60fps in 1080, its not big deal with that kind of graphic. I lkie very much music from menu - I feel like back in the days when I heard Bobby Prince music first time in Doom. Oh, and that teatrical trailer - I can watching this over and over again.
  • true but it dose run fine even on a failing vid card but what they do have is customizability for the multyplayer so that every player is not just some marine. it also adds more dlc ops witch can be good or bad.
  • I think I read somewhere that the new Doom game was 'speed run based', and based around some kind of timer, or timed mission system; in that every level had to be rushed through as fast as humanly possible, and slowing down would cause you to fail, or run out of time, or something similar.

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, or if the guy who wrote all the above just didn't explain himself very well - but if it's true then the new Doom isn't for me, as I absolutely hate timed missions, and 'rusher-type' gameplay. I prefer to take my time, explore everywhere, and use a cautious, stealthy approach to combat.

    Can anyone who played the beta confirm whether any of the above is true?
  • you could have that but the main story is not like that. you would need to set up lvls in snap map to be like that.
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