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Doomsday and Debian

edited 2016 Mar 22 in General
Hello can someone review nice guide for me on how to get Doomsday work on Linux? I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTD.
I have downloaded engine. But that's all I was able to do. I would like to make some Mod, or Plug-in, Add-on, WAD idk.
I'm completely new to Doom engine. I have worked with Unity only. But want to take step back into my childhood and play some doom or some of it's MODs.
I don't intend to use Windows anymore.
I know I need some DOOM Wads. But what if I want to make my own?
I would also like to use doomsday to make some IWAD and my "own" game with storyline :)
Hope I’m not spamming
PS: I have experience in Python programming.
With regards Yoshi.


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