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Creating High-Res Textures for "Back to Saturn X"

I have been playing through the "Back to Saturn X" megawad and I'm loving the effect of all the custom textures. However, after playing other vanilla-textured megawads and the original IWADS with the DHTP, I find that the low resolution of custom textures is a bit distracting to me. So I figured that I would fire up Photoshop and create high-res versions of them just for my own satisfaction.

My question is this: How should I structure a .pk3 file so that my new textures will replace the custom textures that are packaged in the Saturn X WAD? I've tried creating a repackaged copy of the DHTP with my test texture included in the DOOM2/TEXTURES folder, with no success. I also created a new PK3 file with just the test texture, and had no success.

Luckily, I only created one test texture so far, so if this simply not possible, I won't have wasted too much of my time. :)

Thanks in advance for your advice!


  • question are you naming it to match what back to saturn x names the textures?
  • According to what DoomBuilder shows as the texture name, yes. But just in case, is there a utility I can use to extract the textures from the file and double-check?
  • you can use a program called slade 3 to view the textures as doom uses patches for it's textures so 1 texture is a bunch of patches.
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