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Stupid questions are easy, right?

edited 2009 Oct 27 in DOOM
Hello, everybody. I'd like to start by voicing my appreciation for all the hard work that's gone into Doomsday over the years. I've followed the development of the engine for almost as long, and I'm impressed with how it's been coming along. Now for a stupid question.

See, I played a lot of jdoom on my old computer, which, unfortunately, went to the great silicon valley in the sky quite some time ago. But on that computer was a version of Doomsday that was very compatible with .mp3 music files, and, also of importance, seemed quite stable. And so I was wondering which was the latest, most stable version with .mp3 support, and if that version remains available for download.

Thanks in advance for any advice. And, please, do keep up the great work. You guys rock!


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