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Addons with the new pack format

edited 2016 Jun 1 in General

Is there any chance someone to convert the current addons into the new pack format. I hope veirdo will update the xarp pack with the existing textures and the new models, but I'm not so sure about Doom and Heretic. With the latest version of Doomsday, Snowberry cannot launch the games and it is somewhat problematic loading the addons through the UI. Or maybe it is planned some equivalent of Snowberry in the Doomsday UI in near future.


  • rmladenov wrote:
    maybe it is planned some equivalent of Snowberry in the Doomsday UI in near future.
    This is indeed the plan. You can follow the status of the work in the project Blog. The new UI should be ready for the first round of testing in the next couple of weeks.
  • That's great. I will gladly follow the progress of the UI and will perform some testing when it's ready :) Keep up the good work, guys!
  • I know this post is old, but just fyi, I am using the latest build of DE v2 (build 1972) and have created JHRP v2 which is the original JRHP (resource pack for Heretic) with modifications to get it working with DE v2. It's not done but it does work thus far. I am hoping that I can connect with other Heretic fans and try to add more enhancements to the pack. Not sure how many of us there are left out there though! :-)

    I am also creating a library of wads that will work with DE v2 and Heretic, along with a database of information about each wad.

    I maintain my own servers so I can make these resources available for download anytime, if there is interest. Just PM me if you want access.
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