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Doomsday & Intel Trusted Connect Service.

edited 2016 Feb 24 in Technical Support

Since a few weeks now I experienced constant crashing when I tried to start Doomsday, regardless of the version. All I got was a black screen, an error sound and that's it. I was never able to actually see the error message. Today I got lucky and got to see it (attachment).

If I translate the error message to english, it simply says: The ordinal number 4430 couldn't be found within the said DLL.

I checked what this DLL actually is and it belongs to the "Intel Trusted Connect Service". I didn't remember installing that and I wasn't able to find it in my program list. I noticed that it got installed alongside the "Intel Management Engine". Upon uninstalling, the error was fixed and Doomsday (finally) started normally again.

Any ideas to why Doomsday is trying to access that specific DLL? Maybe you can fix it, because I may not be the only one with this error.
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