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The good way to port models?

I worked in a little model in .fbx but I just don't know how to port my model to the new doomsday 2.0.
I try put a simple small lamp have mi model in a .pack carpet with this info.dei but i cannot see my model:
title: Test Model: Small lamp
version: 1.0
license: GPL 3+
tags: dev xyz

asset model.thing.COLUMN {
    front <0, 0, 1>
    up <1, 0, 0>
    path = "Smalllamp.fbx"
    material.@0.diffuseMap = "Smalllamp_pCylinderShape1.png"
In any step i am working bad?


  • Refer yourself with an objects.ded file inside libdoom.pk3
    There are no "COLUMN" thing so your model is nothing to substitute.
  • Oh I did it! My model is this, of course I'm going to do some updates with texture maps.


    Thanks Veirdo! :)
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