Bump map and 3d models instead textures?

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With the new architecture 2.0 I'd like work in some 3d models, but in the process I thought in one idea, like the sprites, Could it be possible replace or attach textures with 3d models? Perhaps a plane with tubes modeled in 3d or other details.



  • Yes this is something we have been thinking about. We call it "model decorations" and the general idea is to render specific walls and other surfaces using 3D models.

    In the current 2.0 builds it is not yet supported, though. The 3D model renderer is pretty much ready for it. If you (and/or others) create some suitable models it will be easier to get started on implementing this.
  • I think I'd like to see the switches in Hexen done with models.
  • Wouldn't normal maps reach this target also?
  • in a way yes in a way no as i have seen for some of the switch sprites having just a normal map would make it look 3d but it would still look like a texture on a wall but if you 3d model it then you can make it pop out of the wall so you can see all the nuances that a texture can't provide.
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