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Alpha Doom Hud?

edited 2016 Feb 6 in DOOM
how possible with the current state of doomnsday to get working?

I extracted and made all the images my self using what resources i could find to update the hud to modern doom standards.



  • Doomsday has no ability to mod the hud like ZDoom I'm afraid.
  • dang. lol
  • Dday's modding features were significantly more powerful and pioneered far more in Doom modding than many would give them credit for and were in many ways more powerful and better designed than those of other ports. To this day, a couple of core elements still surpass other ports; I made a bunch of

    However they were very un-doom like, almost unadvertised and very difficult to read. More notably, they have also been practically completely neglected and partially broken, since 1.8.6 due to the ongoing rewriting; to put the age of 1.8.6 in perspective; it predates the existence of both GZDoom and DECORATE.

    Dday has early ideas for an all new modding system, as can be observed on the Roadmap, however given the current state of Doom modding, it’s likely going to be on the very lowest lowest priority for an extremely long time.

    To blow my own trumpet; here’s a Dday TC I made half a dozen years ago that run’s off a custom version of Dday 1.8.6; however the TC was actually built 99.999…999% using Dday 1.8.6's standard modding features; it only needed a custom version of 1.8.6 to add a single tiny, but very important to this particular mod, that is now actually possible with Dday’s modding features. ... vasion-tc/
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