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I'm trying to make a portable Doomsday engine installation i.e. one that can travel with me on a USB stick or in my Dropbox, and which contains my savegames and settings. My main problem right now is that the runtime directory defaults to a location inside the local user's directory rather than in the main Doomsday dir.

The Command line options reference did not to help me, as it seems a bit outdated and does not include any references to the runtime directory. I tried its suggestions for selecting a savegame directory. It did not work.

For a moment I thought this problem was unsolvable and the location hardcoded, but then I discovered that the runtime directory is located in a different place depending on wether I run Doomsday from Snowberry or by itself.

Through Snowberry:
"C:\Users\_username_\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\runtime"

On its own:
"C:\Users\krank\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\runtime"

This means Snowberry's doing some magic to relocate the runtime folder. I downloaded Doomsday's source and tried sifting through SNowberry's source code but despite being familiar with python and the wx framework I as unable to find the commandline switch I'm guessing Snowberry adds (and doesn't tell you about - nothing shows up in "Preview commandline".


Anyone got any suggestions? Because aside from continuing to sift through the SNowberry python code, I'm out of ideas.


  • I'm not sure this will work, but have you tried using -userdir ?

    For me (on Ubuntu) Snowberry adds this command line switch. It doesn't show up when I hit "Preview commandline" inside snowberry, but I can see the switch is added when i check my doomsday.out:
      22: -userdir
      23: /home/sune/.doomsday/runtime/

    Hope it will do the trick.
  • That did the trick, thanks!
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