Freedoom 0.10 released and future vanilla compatibility

edited 2015 Dec 18 in General
Chungy has announced that Freedoom 1.0 is going to be vanilla compatible. This is good news for all source-port developers, since all of them will be capable of bundling a game with their port, other than HacX. Also, Freedoom 0.10 has been released, recently, with a large set of sprites replaced, and (very) cool looking weapons. Decorations and items looks decent now, which makes the game fairly good for multiplayer, but there is some work to be done for the monsters, with a huge enhancement on the monsters sprite sets, thanks to Raymoohawk, and other spriters like Sodaholic and Eriance, who made varied contributions. Maps were updated, too, but only for Freedoom Phase 1 and 2. ... ompatible/


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