jHRP and DE 1.15 - errors

I have been working with jHRP and DE 2.0 - resolving errors that come up.
But I just noticed that some of the same errors come up with DE 1.15 builds and jHRP.

I just wanted to offer help fixing those errors if anyone is using jHRP and DE 1.15 builds.

They don't seem critical and I'm not exactly sure what effect they produce, but just the same, if you're like me then you prefer not having any errors at all! So if you want them resolved just post here or PM me and I'm pretty sure I can fix them for you.


  • How is the jHRP working now? If you have an updated version of the package I can make it available on the Addons page.
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    Hi DavidInvenio,
    thanks for your hard work.
    I have a request: can you edit the pk3 file to put inside its the best texture hd about heretic? Take this link

    https://www.quaddicted.com/webarchive/w ... s+Wand.zip

    If you try this you'll be able to see how meny textures are better then the textures in http://dengine.net/addons/; an example is the blue potion of health; in the link i gave to you is better and inside potion you can see little bubbles animated.
    I hope you can build the best content pack for heretic because i am a big fan of that game.
    thanks a lot.
  • One cool thing about Dday is that it's launchers, through metadata files included in the add-ons (though this functionality will be added to Dday itself with the upcoming 2.0), have the ability to feature several variants of something in the same add-on with the user able to pick which one they prefer.
  • Oops! My apologies for not replying to these posts sooner, I thought I used to receive email notifications but perhaps I'm mistaken! I've been consumed with work as of late, but now I'm carving out some play time!

    SkyJake: My mods have been working great with DE v2 builds! I will post the package on my web-site and PM you when it's ready for you to download! I am hoping to enhance the pack going forward, if I can get some help along the way from the community!

    Stranger: Absolutely, it's a great idea! I got the files you put up for me to download, very cool work! I agree with you, getting better stuff integrated in jHRP2 will benefit all of us! And as Vermil mentions, at some point the user can select different variants to use - where we can offer multiple versions of some item/feature.

    I look forward to working on this project! I'll report back on my progress!
  • Stranger: Do you have stand alone files that you would like integrated? In my resource pack I see .png files and .tga files, but I'm not seeing those in your examples. Can you help me find the files that have the better graphics?

    PS: My apologies for being a newbie to all this modding stuff... I do have a technical background (31+yrs as a software engineer), but I am new to all this game modding stuff! I am a quick study, so with your help, I can get these enhanced graphics integrated!
  • There's a typo in jHRP (in defs/jHerectic/auto/X-TeleportFX.ded):
    Sub{ File = "Particles/FX/RespawnFOG/TeleFog.dmd" Frame = "frame 0" }
    should be
    Sub{ File = "Particles/FX/TeleFOG/TeleFog.dmd" Frame = "frame 0" }

    I fixed it locally on my computer, can anyone fix it upstream? Or can I upload fixed file somehow?
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