jHRP v2.0 for DE v2.0

Greetings all - I've been working on getting jHRP working right with DE 2.0.
There were some errors but nothing major has changed, I haven't added anything or altered the original jHRP other than resolving these issues which were mostly changes to .ded files to fix some syntax problems.

I have a working pack right now if anyone wants it, but I'm not finished.
When all issues are resolved, I'm hoping that we in the DE/Heretic community might work together to enhance the pack.

I'll continue to post my progress here.


  • One of the issues that I'm not quite sure how to resolve is a problem with visibility of the weapons. Depending on whether you are in fullscreen or windowed, and what resolution you are using, you might see a bit of the weapons or nothing at all.

    I was able to get it working for me by using windowed and not showing the statusbar, and by altering some variables using the command line. I'm hoping to find a better way of doing it.

    Anyone have any advice or insight?

    PS: The variables I've changed are
    # Field of view.
    # When FOV > 90 player weapon is shifted downward.
    # Scaling of player weapon (x,y) offset.
  • Can anyone tell me if there are other resource packs out there for Heretic? Or perhaps other elements of a resource pack that can be integrated into jHRP2? I saw a thread about textures, but didn't see any links to download the files nor any permission from the authors to do so. Are there other packs/elements out there? (I'm still searching, just wanted to post to see if anyone already knows)
  • One of the errors DE reported about jHRP was that it could not load Textures\Particle00.tga.
    The file existed, and could be opened with Photoshop and Paint.NET.
    But apparently there was still something wrong with it, so I converted it using Photoshop to a .png file.
    The file now loads without problem.

    I may just convert the other .tga files to .png at some point.
  • You'll want to contact Psychikon about his props and his Imp model. I've not spoken to him in a while.

    I don't mind updating my contributions as I'm quite fond of Heretic myself.
  • Hi Tea Monster, you might want to contact DavidInvenio directly cause his posting is rather old.....and it seems he isn't active here anymore...

    I really wish someone could fix the issues with curent pack....
  • Ooops. Yeah, didn't notice that :/
    I'll contact Psychikon, I've got his email address.
  • I'm not an expert on the pack differences. Can someone give me a quick breakdown on why the old packs won't load on the new system?
  • edited 2017 Apr 3
    On the whole, old PK3 packages and Box collections should still work.

    There are a couple of situations that will cause an old package to fail to load and/or be recognized by Doomsday:
    • The metadata of the package (e.g., the Info file) contains syntax errors. Snowberry just ignored the errors, but Doomsday 2 does not.
    • ZIP files are no longer automatically assumed to be PK3s, largely because Doomsday has visibility to many non-add-on ZIP files nowadays, and assuming they're all potential packages to load causes trouble. One should unzip any old ZIP add-ons, or rename them to .pk3 if the file is actually a PK3 package.

    Then there is another class of problems with older add-ons that are mostly benign error messages. By default, Doomsday 2 reports more issues with referenced model skins missing, etc. even though those skins may not actually be used for rendering.
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