DE 2.0 & jHRP - Anyone else running it?

Greetings all - I just wanted to see if anyone else out there is working with jHRP and DE 2.0.
I'm working off the jHRP that SkyJake recently put up for download here, along with build 1802 of DE 2.0 (intending to stay as current as possible). The pack does load but throws several errors, and additionally has problems displaying weapons. I've been trying to resolve the issues and hopefully contribute a fully working jHRP to go along with DE 2.0. My hope is that I can include enhancements from other packs if it's appropriate and if I can do it. I'm new to DE resource packs (other than using jHRP), so I'll be learning as I go. If anyone else out there is working with the same stuff perhaps we can share information.

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