DE 2.0 & jHRP - Model will be rendered without a skin

When loading jHRP DE reports that "Model [...]\Hellstaff\flash.md2 will be rendered without a skin (none found)".
Reading Hellstaff.ded I found the following:
*Model { 
	State = "HORNRODATK1_1"
	offset xyz { -8 -11 0.2}
	 Md2 {
        Skin File = "HUD/Hellstaff/staffflash.png"
	Md2 { 
	File = "HUD/Hellstaff/flash.md2"
	Flags = dim
        Skin File = "HUD/Hellstaff/muzleflash.png"
        Frame = "Frame01"

I'm new to DE resource packs and DED file syntax, but isn't this defining a skin file? (the files all exist)

Also, is this an error or just a warning? Can it be ignored if the skin file won't work?

Any insight or information is greatly appreciated!


  • DaniJ may want to comment on / check this, but looking at the code, the warning "(...).md2 will be rendered without a skin (none found)" is erroneously and unnecessarily printed in this case. While it is true that the MD2 file does not specify any skins, the DED definition defines one slightly later and that one should be found successfully.
  • Roger that! Thanks for looking into it!
  • I'll make a fix or workaround for 1.15.7:
  • Any chance of one for 2.0 as well? :D
    I tried some variations in the .ded file but can't seem to work around it.
    Weird too because it works in other places.
  • Yeah the fix will first be made in the unstable branch and then copied over to the stable branch, so it will be available in 2.0 as well.
  • W00t! Then I will have a perfectly clean jHRP2 that runs on DE 2.0 with no errors or warnings!
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