DE 2.0 & jHRP - Failed to load Particle00.tga error

When DE loads jHRP it throws an error saying "Failed to load [...]\textures\Particle00.tga". In Doomsday.out it says the same, but gives no other information about the cause of the failure. The file Particle00.tga does in fact exist and I opened it with Paint.NET just fine. As a test I replaced that file with a copy of Particle01.tga and DE loaded that file just fine. Obviously I'd rather have the correct image, so I'm wondering why that file would not load. I would guess that there are requirements for what those images can be. Assuming that jHRP worked ok on pre 2.0 DE I am wondering if the requirements have changed?

Any insight or information is greatly appreciated!


  • This is what is printed in the log when running with "-vvv":
    #1803 020.868 R (vv) FS1::openFile: Trying "(basedir)/data/jheretic/textures/Particle00.tga"...
    #1803 020.868 r (vv) ^ > FileHandle::fromLump: [0x7fb51b7a9f80] Buffering "~/Dropbox/Addons/
    #1803 020.868 r (vv) ^ > Zip::readLump: "~/Dropbox/Addons/
                                            Textures/Particle00.tga" (4908 bytes) [0 +4908]
    #1803 020.868 r (vv) ^ : Cache miss on #992
    #1803 020.868 R (vv) Image_LoadFromFile: "(basedir)/data/jheretic/textures/Particle00.tga" unrecognized,
                                             trying fallback loader...
    This suggests to me that the Targa file in question is just in an incompatible format of some kind. The code that we use for reading Targa particle textures is quite inflexible (and has actually been obsoleted by newer code).

    It might be worth trying to convert the image to .png format and get rid of the old .tga version. Doomsday will prefer .png over .tga.
  • You were absolutely right mate!
    I converted it to a .png with Photoshop and the error went away!
    THANK YOU for the advice mate!
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