The Steam Controller

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besides launching the Doomsday Engine with steam is there any chances to have steam controller mapping in the doomsday engine? now before you ask about it lets just say you can have jump and use be on the same trigger yet not activate them all at once also if set up properly it can be configured to have 23 buttons thats including the 2 that are on the triggers. the steam controller is one of the best controllers in my opinion. i did not count the superb motion controlls as having them as buttons is weird.


  • So you have one? Are you able to bind gamepad controls in Doomsday with it connected? If so, we can set up a Game Controller Preset for it with some reasonable default bindings.

    I don't have one at the moment but might get one later.
  • i will figure out stuff but right now it's set to the default preset witch is basically a mouse with some keyboard bindings i will get a pic up asap of the default config asap but basically you need to find a way to interface with it and have it modify the presets. thats easier said then done.

    Edit: here is a link to an image of the desktop controls ... sp=sharing wile testing doomsday with steam i set up the controls and need to do some tweaking but tell me how you want it set up and i will tell you it can be done right now tho i have it set up as a mouse and keyboard and i also need to use the motion controls for mouse movement when i have my finger on the left pad so i can get better movement. the controller is basically what you want it to do i can probably do it as long as your running your games in steam in big picture mode for controller config.
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