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Managed to Join Server with Models/Textures Packs

edited 2015 Oct 27 in DOOM

Just wanted to inform a bit of information about the packs I used for joining the server. Most of packs are 'old' news from various forums with some new links. I was hoping this was possible with the recent builds. In the past builds, I couldn't join other people's servers for some reason. Apparently, I have downloaded the recent build (which is build 1.15.4) for another try around. I have managed to connect a server with High Resolution Packs selected with no problems. I am glad this the case since this is the primary reason why I want to play Doomsday Engine in the first place (with enhanced models/textures/music) under multiplayer. Build 1.15.4 seems to work pretty well as far as I can tell. I might consider setting up my own server again in the near future.

If interesting, here are some high resolution pack links which I used to join the server(s). These are optional and works on a vanilla server:

High Resolution Texture Pack I use: ... day-engine

High Resolution Models Pack (from Risen 3D) I use:

Brutal Doom Classic Music I use: ... c-enhanced


  • Actually, it worked when I join a server with 2.0.0 build (Reborn). I cannot join with the present stable 1.15.4 build which is weird. I have downloaded the 2.0.0 and I will setup a server from this build instead.
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