Enable Cheats on Nightmare Mode

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I was recently messing around with ZDoom and noticed that you could enable cheats in Nightmare. This would be a really great idea to add to Doomsday because it adds a nice challenging difficulty but allows the player to still use cheats to help when necessary.

Please add a way to enable cheats on Nightmare difficulties of Doom.


  • Doesn't that kind of defeat the idea of nightmare?
  • sad thing is cheats were never to be used in nightmare. it was the only game mode that had that as it was meant to be a challenge. if you sticking true to doom you do not allow thos cheats in nightmare as it gose aganced the original programing.
  • This would actually be a good idea, at least for some of the codes. idclev should be fine, since it's just a way to choose a specific level. idfa isn't really game killing since you probably have all the weapons because you save your game regularly (unless you're really trying to challenge yourself by restarting levels on death! In which case, you wouldn't even think of using this anyway...) and typing idfa while getting slaughtered isn't gonna happen, so you can still die pretty easily if some pinkies surround you. I don't mind most of the beholds. The chainsaw is perfectly acceptable to be cheated into your hands since it's not an extreme advantage to have against more than 2 or 3 guys. Changing the music has no affect on the challenge of nightmare. I've never used the change map detail cheat so I don't know what it does but it doesn't sound too scary unless it shows all the secrets (but you probably know them anyway if you've progressed to nightmare difficulty). Basically, avoid iddqd and I could understand not including either idfa codes and you'd still have an extreme challenge and be able to use other codes to make the game more interesting.

    All that said, as long as you're on PC there are always "trainers" online that don't give a single f about the difficulty you're on.. :p

    And, as for the comment about it going against the original programming, well, you could easily say the exact same thing about the addition of high res textures, or the addition of mouse look up and down, or the addition of jumping, and the piles of other features DE adds. Anyway, I'm gonna go see what the map detail one does now. :)
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    I think it would be a useful additional feature to have an option for enabling cheats on Nightmare.
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