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Beta 6.3 and texture alignments

edited 2009 Jun 11 in General
I know this is sort of a bug report, but it needs verified by you guys. :)
Hey if you haven't heard? I'v recently started on a Mega5 Deathmatch mega wad and released a 3 map mini-mega (or demo) so players can get a taste of whats to come.
However in beta6.3, I noticed in map02 there is a strange thing happening with some texture alignments that isn't a problem in any other source engine including beta5.1 of DD.
This is for Doom2 so don't let the title music fool ya. :P
In map02 if you go up stairs, there is a little 64x64 door with the little hazard stripes on it, it is really part of a 256x128 COMPTALL texture from Doom2.
The door isn't really the problem but it's surrounding textures on each side have somehow lost their alignments, also the door track textures are lower-unpegged which should keep the doortrack from moving when the door is opened. The issue only seems to show up in 6.3 so far. ~ it may have showed up in 6.2 also but I'm not sure.
Here's the Mega5 demo to verify. ...
Of course you'll probably want to warp to map02. ;)

In an unrelated note and may already be known, I'v noticed that the soundfx radius seems right but the fade out dosen't seem to be there, e.g. if a door opens from a distance it doesn't sound like it's far away from you, it seems like it's right next to you heh. This also applies to any ambient sound fx radius, for example a plasma gun projectile hitting a distant wall.

Hopefully this will help you guys out one way or the other. Probably better now than later heh.
Also, something to test the DM part of the netcode out with if wanted :P you'l dig map03 btw.

Glad to see the new forum up and running!
Best regards ~ Rocket
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