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Save games being overwritten

edited 2015 Sep 11 in Hexen
I am using: Doomsday Engine 1.15.2 (Stable 64-bit #1673) Aug 1 2015 17:52:09
on Kubuntu-15.04

When I start doomsday and select Hexen, then try to load a saved game, I find that doomsday has overwritten some of my saved games with old saves. I have a backup, and if I copy the old saves into ~/.doomsday/runtime/savegames/hexen and restart doomsday, the games I put there show up, but upon exiting, it overwrites the games I put there with old ones from somewhere else. I have not been able to find where it is storing those old game saves. This is very frustrating as it means I can no longer save any games. This seems to be a new thing in the last week or so, but I cannot figure out what happened to cause this. And I am seriously baffled as to where those old saves are being pulled in from. I have deleted the persist.pack file, so it isn't coming from there.

Edit: I am moving this post to the doomsday engine section as the problem appears to be happening with other games (heretic) as well.
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